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"Teaching Children How To Live And Equipping Them For Success"

This is Grace Baptist Academy

Grace Baptist Academy was founded in June of 2000.  G.B.A. is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church, and was established for parents who have a desire to see their children trained for God's service.  Our staff is highly qualified and has a genuine love for God's Word and God's people.  We desire to see every student reach their full potential both spiritually and academically.  We currently offer a day school and homeschooling option.  We are excited about Grace Baptist Academy and the ministry God has given to us here at Grace Baptist Church.
Grace Baptist Academy is a "Christian School" with distinction - set apart from all others.  The objective of G.B.A. is to teach children how to live and to equip them for success.  The Bible verse in Proverbs 22:6 admonishes adults to "train up a child in THE way he SHOULD go."  G.B.A. is an extension of the home in training young people.  The school staff works closely with parents to train the whole child.

Attendance at G.B.A. is a privilege and not a right.  The goal of G.B.A. is to train youth of every ability in the highest principles of moral character, self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity, and good citizenship.  G.B.A. stands without apology for high standards of morality, wisdom, and academics.

G.B.A. has been reviewed and certified by the NCAA.  This allows our graduates to be eligible for scholarships and Div. I and Div. II NCAA collegiate sports.

Why A Christian Education?

One of the main reasons why parents enroll their children in Grace Baptist Academy is to obtain an excellent education grounded in Christian moral values.  The curriculum includes Scripture memory passages and references to God and Jesus Christ - all designed to help students develop moral character, a sense of accountability, and wisdom in their lives.  Standards of personal conduct, school policies, and curriculum continue to build the students' sense of responsibility and integrity.

Any student that receives a General Diploma from G.B.A. may attend the college or university of their choice as long as they make the accepting college's required A.C.T. score.  We are currently enrolling for the 2022/2023 school year.  Most of our classes have already filled up for next year but you can contact the school office at 251.649.7398 for more information and to find out what classes are still available.

To God Be The Glory!
We are in our new gym and LOVING it!

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Feel free to login using the username & password above.  See how our virtual homeschool academy option works! For our Day School, K3-12 we use the Abeka curriculum.